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The internet of money

Bitcoin was developed to look like money, but the truth is that Bitcoin is pure information. The logical mechanism behind bitcoin makes it work like money, just like e-mails are programmed to appear in text form in your mailbox. The main difference is that email servers are centralized, while Bitcoin is not.

Bitcoin was responsible for being the only reliable way for intermediating financial relationships on the internet. What used to be assisted and guaranteed by centralized financial institutions, can now be done through a decentralized cryptocurrency, in a safe and anonymous way.


Another asset with enormous relevance and which proved to be fundamental for advancement and a new concept of the decentralized environment proposed by cryptocurrencies is Ethereum.

Ethereum used the technology behind Bitcoin and expanded its capabilities. It has become a decentralized ecosystem, with its own Internet browser, coding language and payment system. Most importantly, it allows users to create decentralized applications on their Blockchain.
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Through the Ethereum blockchain, Defi protocols are recreating financial market products in a totally decentralized way. Imagine an ownerless financial system, without intermediaries, 100% end to end where you have access to borrowing resources, means of payment, buying and selling digital assets totally peer to peer and much more.

DeFi opens the door to a new dynamic financial market, which is more decentralized, with fewer intermediaries, very profitable for its users and may have a major impact on the entire market soon.
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Ethereum currently occupies the second largest crypto asset by market capitalization. Just as bitcoin is known as digital gold, ether, a cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum network, would be equated with digital oil. Due to the great demand created by applicabilities in the network, ether was widely used, which led Ethereum to appreciate by 200% in 2020.
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How to get Ethereum?


Buy Ethereum and several other crypto assets in intermediation platforms for the purchase and sale of digital currencies.


Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum can be mined through computational effort, and now through PoS with the new Ethereum 2.0 protocol.


Earn and multiply your Ethereums through the GOETH community as many people from all over the world are doing.


We are a decentralized system, free from human interference. Designed to stay active as long as there are supporters and participants looking for financial leverage in the active crypto market.

Welcome to the GOETH movement, the community for you to multiply your Ethereums. Surf this new wave.

Be part of it!

GOETH System aims to disseminate in a controlled way the limit of rewards that each participant can obtain according to a phased growth of our community. In this way, it is possible to predict our reach and impact the largest number of people around the world.

Betting Blocks

US$ 25

First block U$ 25

or see the blocks that most fit to your profile

US$ 50

unlocked February 10th, 2021

US$ 100

unlocked March 10th, 2021

US$ 200

unlocked April 10th, 2021

US$ 400

unlocked May 10th, 2021

US$ 800

unlocked June 10th, 2021

US$ 1.600

unlocked July 10th, 2021

US$ 3.200

unlocked August 10th, 2021

US$ 6.400

unlocked September 10th, 2021

US$ 12.800

unlocked October 10th, 2021

US$ 25.600

unlocked November 10th, 2021

US$ 51.200

unlocked December 10th, 2021

US$ 102.400

unlocked January 10th, 2022

200% in 90 days

The Dealer bonus basically works as a leverage bonus, for 89 days the participant will receive 1.12% daily of the deposited amount, and on the 90th day he will receive his pay back.

Thus, until the deadline, the bettor will have 200% of his dollar value paid in Ethereum.


Rewards Program

To have access to the betting blocks and to be an official participant of that community, you will have to purchase a ticket worth US$ 10 (payment received only in Ethereum).
Discover two ways to earn by collaborating with the growth of the community:

Share the Goeth Idea and earn

10% of the amounts

deposited by each participant you indicate.

Get access to the exclusive binary bonus with direct to the cross bonus and receive from

7% to 15% of the amounts

deposited by your smallest team daily.

Road Map

The Goeth community intends to use a peer to peer propagation strategy, connecting people with bold profiles adept at new technologies. For this, a Road Map was established:

December 2020 starts with FREE tickets;


first betting block released;

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Official release of the Liberthereum token (LTH) based on the concept of decentralized finance, with a fund backed by a basket of revolutionary assets (Defi tokens);

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Issuance of the first units of LTH tokens (Liberthereum) acquired in the first block phase (US$ 25). From this date, the amount in tokens referring to the subsequent blocks will be sent in all the following months.

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Listing of the LTH token on trading platforms (exchanges) for real market pricing and validation of its solutions;

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Launch of the first decentralized platform offering financial products mirrored in the traditional financial market, enabling usability of the LTH token that will provide benefits to users who own them.

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The beginning of a new wave ...

There is a great mission behind this community. We want to join forces of small and large players in the market to create a new movement and impact the crypto asset market. We know that currently the market moves due to the influence of “whales” (players that have multi millionaire wallet), but what we want to form is a wave of democratic opportunities for ordinary people to also benefit and build new results as long as they have Ethereums.

FAQ Goeth

A movement that has two objectives: sharing income and information. Goeth system was developed to stay active as long as there are participants and supporters spreading their idea, it is free from human interactions and its resources are distributed in full among the members according to the rewards plan.

The safety of the community is guaranteed by each line of code written in its programming. The system was developed to be independent and distribute all the resources available to its participants in a meritocratic way.

Just like the bitcoin itself, the community does not have an owner, it is a decentralized network of participants that together constitute the GOETH movement, supported by a 100% democratic system to defend the interests and resources of its supporters. Once the system is started, it cannot be stopped and its continuity depends exclusively on active participants.

The developers of the GOETH community are enthusiastic and holders of large amounts of Ethereum crypto, thus their interest is focused on the appreciation of ETH, obtaining high returns at the moment the movement is consecrated and causes a positive change in the price of the asset.

As with any decentralized network, the rules and standards of the GOETH community system can only be changed by consensus agreement between all participants or unanimously.

To be part of the GOETH community you need to purchase a ticket, worth US$ 10. This will entitle you to be a participant and then have the opportunity to multiply your Ethereums. After joining you will have access to your panel, that way you can bet values according to the available blocks.

The Dealer bonus basically works with a leverage bonus, for 89 days the bettor will receive 1.12% daily, and on the 90th day he will receive his pay back which represents 100% of the stake.

When referring a new participant to the community you will receive 10% of the amount wagered by your direct referral. To directly nominate a new participant, simply share your referral link available on your panel.

The binary bonus entitles the participant to receive 7% of the entire volume on bets placed on his smallest team. Activate the cross bonus: - 10% of all volume in bets on your smallest team for those who refer at least three new participants with values of the block unlocked for the month - 15% of all volume in bets on your smallest team for those who refer at least seven new participants with values of the block unlocked for the month

- The binary bonus does not require qualification, that is, you will receive the bonus from the first bet placed on your smallest team; - To receive the binary bonus, the participant must have his / her account active with the stake value of the block phase of the current month (rule valid until the 5th block phase); - Binary is only paid for bets on the smallest team with current month's block values. For example: in the 2nd block phase with U $ 50.00 unlocked values, if a member of your team places a bet or renewal with U $ 25.00 value the bonus will not be paid on this amount (rule valid until the 5th block phase) ); - From the 5th block phase (available amount U $ 400.00) the bonus will be paid for all bets above the value of U $ 400.00, regardless of the current phase.

A participant in the GOETH community has winning limits that represent 200% of his stake. The dealer and binary bonuses accumulate to the sum of the 200% limit, while the direct referral bonus does not. Upon reaching his rewards limit, the participant has the option to renew his account to continue receiving his commissions, otherwise he will be inactive.

As it is an automated system without human interaction, withdrawals are automatically sent to the participant's registered wallet. - Amounts paid in ethereum only; - Minimum withdrawal amount U $ 15.00; - Transaction fee automatically discounted from the user plus 10% of the withdrawal amount; - The user will have the option to enable or disable automatic withdrawal; - You can also make the transfer of dollars between accounts (minimum of U $ 25) with a transfer fee of U $ 1, or even payment of invoices without additional charges.

A user can have only a single account, the number of accounts is controlled by account/ID verification

The user can have an active bet for each unlocked block, for example: when reaching the second phase of blocks the user can have an active bet of US $ 25 and one of US $ 50.

To prevent your account from being automatically blocked, do not break the following rules: - Use of multiple accounts per user; - Use of funds obtained fraudulently; - Hack or attempt to hack or gain access to accounts that you do not own; - Attempt to interrupt activities on the website www.goeth.club; - Propagate false information or in a manner inconsistent with official information.

You can request a change in the email address registered in your account. After making a change request you will receive a link in the old and new email addresses. Click on both links to confirm the change.

Enter the password recovery page and request the change by confirming your email address. You will receive the link in your inbox to register a new password for your account. If you have your 2FA active, it will be required to register the new password.

The user can optionally activate 2FA as an additional security factor for the account, since the system is not responsible for any losses and theft of user data. 2FA will be required each time you transfer dollars between accounts, pay invoices, change your wallet address, change email and password.